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Cayman Christian Primary School

Excellence in Education & Character

Cayman Christian Primary School - Who We Are

Our Reception/Pre-K classes at Shining Stars Early Childhood Care & Education Centre achieve outstanding results. Our school leavers regularly begin their primary education at the top of their class regardless of their primary school destination. The resultant overwhelming parental demand for continued education led us to open Cayman Christian Primary School with our inaugural kindergarten class beginning in September, 2019.

At Cayman Christian Primary School, we are focused on providing an excellent Christian-based education with the highest levels of student and parent satisfaction while also developing superior moral character.

Our American Abeka curriculum was used by over one million students during school year 2017. Abeka is accredited by both MSA CESS and FACCS. You can count on high academics AND a biblical worldview so your child won't be half prepared to make a difference in the world. Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, with both Scripture and biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts.

Beginning school year 2019-2020, Cayman Christian Primary School will offer kindergarten only classes at our Shining Stars Early Childhood Education Centre facility. In school year 2020-2021, it is anticipated that Cayman Christian will offer enrollment for grades 1 through 6 at a new facility.

Cayman Christian Primary School received Phase 4 approval from the Cayman Islands Education Council and will shortly be fully registered as an education institution providing full-time compulsory education/school in the Cayman Islands.

Enrollment priorities are given first to children enrolled in our affiliated daycare - Shining Stars.

Why Us?

Our fees at the kindergarten level are inclusive. They include meals and snacks as well as early and late pickup (7:00am - 6:00pm)

Our class sizes are expected to consist of just 15-18 students per class. This ensures that your child is provided with the attention they need to succeed.

It is anticipated that Cayman Christian will be certified in both the Cayman Islands as well as the United States. When the time comes, your child will seamlessly be able to enroll in prestigious colleges and universities in the United States such as Harvard and Stanford as well as those in Great Britain such as Cambridge and Oxford.